Recoleta Cemetery – Evita’s tomb

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  1. Would love a Sheryl’s top 10 and maybe bottom 10 of what we have to see/avoid in BA. It also might be interesting to see if Jeff’s thoughts are different. We still haven’t made any plans for March, but will have some sort of a big trip – Europe, South America, who knows!
    Miss you!

  2. I love the cemetary pictures and videos. It’s quite a remarkable place. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  3. Six of us did the tour of Buenos Aires on 3 January 2011, an excursion sponsored by the Cruise Ship “Celebrity”. We visited Recoleta Cemetery and Evita’s tomb. Our tour guide was outstanding as she described to us all the complicated details of Evita’s good deeds for the poor and the hatred she suffered thru by Argentine aristocrats. But what intrigues me still is all that took place AFTER her death at 33 and her final entombment at Recoleta, the most impressive cemetery I’d ever seen in all my 76 years. We also visited the Church of El Pilar just outside the cemetery. It is totally stunning in it’s golden splendor. This visit was one of the major highlights of our cruise.

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