Mendoza to Buenos Aires -on the fancy bus

Normally a 13 hour overnight bus ride would fill me with dread. But in Argentina it’s something to look forward to, especially if you go first class.

A first class ticket on the bus line Cata gets you a  big seat, foot rest,  blanket, pillow, newspaper,  curtains to section off your seat and a personal tv.  You also get your own personal garbage bag which doesn’t sound like much unless your husband has a cold and is going through a lot of tissues.








Soon after the bus started out we got served this sandwhich with either water or coke. My first thought was, “Nice, but this is not going to hold me for 13 hours.”

Ham item #1

It turns out this was just the appetizer.  The second thing we were served was this plate of assorted mini ham sandwiches.

Ham items #2-#5. Guess what the empanada was filled with.... ham.

This course came with it’s own mini bottle of wine.

not bad for bus wine

Then came the main course,  breaded meat, potatoes all covered in ham.  It looks weird, but was strangely delicious.

Ham item #6 - ham covered meat and potatoes

We had the choice of coffee, tea, water or champagne with dessert.  It was so tempting to get champagne because when do you ever have the chance to drink champagne on a bus? But, I went with water.   I wasn’t sure how champagne would taste with flan.

bus flan - delicious

Then it was movie time. We had the choice between two different movies, both in English with Spanish subtitles.  Once the movie was over everyone pulled their curtains around their seats, lowered their seats back and put up their foot rests. The seat turned into a fully horizontal bed.

The best part besides the fully reclining seat, wine, and garbarge bag was that for the entire night the rest of the bus, all 18 other passengers were silent. No cell phones, talking, kids crying, nothing. Just pure silence.   We both actually got a pretty good night’s sleep considering we were on a bus.

The next morning we were served orange juice, coffee, and a plate of assorted cookies, no ham.    If we weren’t leaving Argentina tomorrow I’d take a few more buses. It was that much fun.  But, then again I do amuse easily.





15 thoughts on “Mendoza to Buenos Aires -on the fancy bus”

  1. I took a 13-hour busride once in my life and I swore NEVER AGAIN! But I could definitely do it again on a first-class bus like you and Jeff were on. The one I was on was packed with people, smelled like liquor, no reclining seat (at least not like yours) and no food unless you brought your own. Not sure if I used the bathroom that entire time — I think I didn’t. Maybe we stopped off somewhere. About 5 or 6 hours into it, I said I cannot ever do this again. Food looked great — except for Ham Item #1. What’s the yellow stuff?

    Happy travels,


    1. I told myself the yellow stuff was cheese but not sure. We’ve been on those scary bus rides in other countries where we’ve thought there’s no way we’re going to survive the trip. I was amazed at how nice long distance buses are in Argentina.

  2. We have enjoyed all your blogs, never miss one. Look forward to your news every day. Love your
    writing, Sheryl. Great pix, too. Rochelle & George

    1. It’s so bitersweet. I’m so sad to leave, but excited to see family and friends and those amazing trees in the Pnw.

  3. The 6 courses containing ham reminds me of Mexico where the big commercial supermarket had a 50 foot deli counter with 50 types of pork products. I’ve never seen so much pork.

    1. It’s amazing how much ham there is here. I remember Mexico like that too. Spain wins the crazy for ham award though. I was haunted by ham there.

  4. If you don’t mind me asking. What was the price of the bus tickets with Cata? I’ve travelled with them and other companies in Chile but not in Argentina and will be doing the trip from Mendoza to B.A in Nov.

    If you ever plan to come to Valparaíso let us know we have a multitude of recommendations.



    1. The tickets were expensive. I think they were 380 Ar pesos each. I’m so bummed we never made it to Valpo in this trip. We leave for the states today. Next time for sure. I love reading your blog and your family’s adventures.

  5. This helps soooo much. We’re planning to take the bus from Mendoza to Buenos Aires in December and were wondering where to book. Let us know if you have any more tips.


  6. Hi Kevin,

    it’s really good tip. I was looking for a bus trip from B.A. to Mendoza and now I take the Cata Bus:-).

    Could you write wich 1. class exactly you took?

    I don’t know wich difference between these classes by Cata:

    EJ Cama Ejecutivo
    SU Suite1° Clase
    UP Promo Suite con Servicio


  7. Accidentally found this post. The reason why buses are so comfty is because plane tickets are waaayyyyy too expensive to travel inside Argentina. Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Wow this sounds so cool and strangely obscure! I am planning my trip to Argentina and have decided to look at bus options to Mendoza instead of renting a car. Thanks for this awesome post, cool pics too!

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