Mendoza Mercado Central- a perfect amount of gross

6 thoughts on “Mendoza Mercado Central- a perfect amount of gross

  1. The pig head is great!! Right now in our freezer we have a Bobcat’s head, skin, and paws. (Tim shot it and skinned it yesterday). So I totally understand…”a little gross is good”


  2. Bob’s bobcat comment is grosser than the pig head. Were there fruit and veggies? You didn’t show us that.

    1. Yes, I’m glad there were no photos of the bobcat. 🙂 There were some very nice fruits and veggies at the market. And, I only got in a little trouble when I started grabbing a bunch of plums myself. I didn’t bother to translate the sign hanging over them that said in Spanish, “Do not touch the fruit, or take it yourself. Have the employess help you.” Ooops.

  3. We too enjoyed an Argentinian lunch at Mercado Central. Unfortunately for us the actual market was closed. However we have enjoyed it vicariously. Thanks…

    1. The first time we went it was closed as well. It seems so strange to me that it’s closed for the siesta. That’s a lot of work for them to set it all up, take it all down for the siesta then reset it all up again.

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