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Goodbye Argentina and thanks.

As we leave Argentina there are so many things we are thankful to have been able to experience and that we know we are going to miss. dulce de leche yerba mate new friends steak Buenos Aires cheek kissing Salta empanadas malbec dog walkers Mendoza asados alfajores Most of all we’ll miss the Argentinian people … Continue reading »

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Wine before Liquor?

Everyone knows the saying wine before liquor never sicker.   We set out to answer the question, does wine tasting before liquor tasting make you sick?    I’m happy to report that the answer is no.  It just makes you very sleepy on the bus home. Our first question was actually how to even go wine tasting. … Continue reading »

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Giving Salta our 2 weeks notice

At the beginning of all our trips, we have visions of going to one town and settling down.  The plan is always to “move” to one city or town for six months. But, then wander lust sets in.  How can we stay in just one town when there are so many other towns/cities/countries nearby. We … Continue reading »

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Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) part 8 – T Bone and Short Ribs

There really isn’t much to report on the eating of a T Bone steak called – beef de costilla and short ribs called tira de asado. Both were delicious. The thing I found most interesting the atmosphere in the parilla.  We went to a restaurant called El Viejo Jack. Not only is it highly recommended … Continue reading »

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Grocery shopping in Salta

Grocery shopping can easily be an all day activity for us. The store in the photo on the left is where we buy most of our veggies, water, and eggs.  A very woman in an apron always helps me with the Spanish words for the veggies. If she doesn’t have what we need we go … Continue reading »

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