Goodbye Argentina and thanks.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Argentina and thanks.

  1. Sad to see you go as that means no more Argentina blog posts! Enjoyed it, and best to you and your husband in your future travels! ~Carolyn

  2. I’ll really miss your blogs and pics. I’ve really been living your trip vicariously (although you motivated me to taste some great wines while I read). Can’t wait till you guys travel again. If you can find your way to Dallas, we can travel the world via wine. In the mean time, I’m jealous that your going to be eating White Castles. That’s worth a writing in itself, but it would be very painful for me to read (I have the craving!!). Thanks for taking all the time to share your trip. Much appreciated.

    Safe trip home!!

    1. We never did do the White Castle contest. Jeff was too sick. Maybe we can get some together when we’re in Chicago June 18. Although, I know better than to challenge you to a contest. I’m pretty sure you would win. 🙂

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