Tango Show in Buenos Aires- so not our thing

There are several ways for tourists to see tango in Buenos Aires.

1. on the street in San Telmo and La Boca –  We did this and it left us wanting more.

2. Milongas – the real deal tango bars – We didn’t go to one of these and so wish we had.

3. Tourist tango shows – We went to one of these and kind of wish we hadn’t.

The one we choose was highly recommended by the guidebooks and on Trip Advisor.   We got there, were seated and immediately brought bottled water, an emapanada and red wine.  The tickets were expensive by Buenos Aires standards, but with these extra it seemed like a great deal.

The show started. The dancing and singing were good, but it reminded me of the Donny and Marie show with singers, lavish dance numbers, and a Carlos Gardel impersonator. It lacked the passion and intensity you can see on Dancing with the Stars.

We weren’t allowed to videotape but could take photos without the flash.

The show was boring except for one sexy really good dance.  Unfortunately, it was at this moment they brought us the bill. Turns out the water, wine and empanada weren’t free .  Jeff signed the bill as quickly as he could. He would have signed anything to get them to leave and let him watch the one good dance of the night.

The people next to Jeff were singing along to every song, so I think it was a good show, just not our thing.  When it was over and the lights came on, I chugged ever last drop of wine and stuffed Jeff’s left over empanada into my mouth.  Since we had paid for it, I wasn’t about to let them go to waste.

So it turns out even someone that loves all things touristy, doesn’t really like tourist tango shows. But, you can’t love everything.    Although I did absolutely love the street named after Carlos Gardel and the statue.

Next time we’re in Buenos Aires we’ll try a milonga.

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  1. when i read the category title of ‘tango’, i thought it was about you and jeff doing the tango. Darn!

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