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10, no make that 11 things I’ve learned living on a Chilean beach

OK so we’ve only been “living” here for three weeks.  Three weeks in no way makes me a   “living at the beach” expert. But here’s what I’ve gleaned so far: (just a disclaimer. Jeff is against this post. He thinks this sounds like  complaining.  I hope he’s wrong). 1. Chile takes tsunami’s very seriously. We … Continue reading »

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Brew at Home Coffee crisis

When my Spanish teacher asked me what we did this past weekend I answered,   “Nosotros buscamos cafe en los supermarcados.”  Surely she misunderstood. We didn’t search for supermarket coffee ALL weekend, did we? Well….um…yeah….kind of. Jeff and I love to make coffee at home. We like going out for coffee too, but we need … Continue reading »

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Staying in Salta

I’m relieved and happy to report that we really love the city of Salta and plan to stay for awhile. After dragging all our suitcases onto the wrong bus to Salta, I really don’t want to go anywhere else for awhile. Here is my top ten list of what I love about Salta: 1. Beautiful … Continue reading »

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Recoleta Cemetery – Evita’s tomb

After almost a month in Buenos Aires we finally mastered the local bus system.  We caught the correct bus going the correct way and got to the Recoleta cemetery in 5 minutes. This cemetery is as beautiful as the other one we visited. There are amazing tombs with incredible statues.   This one, however, is smack … Continue reading »

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Jeff’s first Argentinian coffee. Seconds after this photo was taken Jeff dropped the camera onto this cup of coffee which caused it to spill on me, the table and the floor. Coffee in our apartment.

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