In 2010 my husband Jeff and I spent six months in Argentina and Chile. It was more than a vacation, not quite a permanent move.

After our trip we went back to our home in Seattle with plans travel again soon. Next thing we knew it was  2020.

We packed up in January 2020 for our next big trip, this time to Panama.    We are older , but not sure we are wiser.   

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  1. Your trip looks amazing. Keep on blogging. Ajit said you may swing through Austin on your way home and check it out. Life in my new world is awesome but the commute does make for a very long day. Having lots of fun with the old gang.

    1. Thank you so much Lee. I haven’t written much since we’ve been in the pandemic and haven’t been able to do much. But I will write more when we are able to go out and explore again.

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Hanging out in Panama