Lujan Wine tasting – overdoing it in Lujan

12 thoughts on “Lujan Wine tasting – overdoing it in Lujan

    1. Thanks. OMG that would have been so fun if you guys had been with us. We need to do some Woodinville tasting together this summer.

  1. Girl! You’re gonna need to flush out that poor liver of yours when you get back! What a decadent way to spend a day. Good for you!

    1. Once we’re back in Seattle it’s healthy eating only, but for now we’re still living it up a bit. 🙂

  2. What a great day!! Just like training for a marathon, the more you eat/drink and drink/eat, the better you get at it, so that you can eat/drink and drink/eat even more and do it even better! You guys are on the best training program in the world.

    1. When we were eating we were actually wondering if this is what the 7 course meals at French Laundry are like. If so, sign me up. Yum!

  3. You cracked me up at how progressively drunk you got. I can’t believe the bug story. Yikes! You must have been drunk. Oh, loved the purple teeth. I’m determined to invent something so we stop embarassing ourselves or at least give ourselves away as lushes. Cheers! By the way, I just sent you and email to go see the Go Go’s. Say YES!

    1. You would think after all those wine parties at your house I would have learned to pace myself!!! I do love the go go’s, now can’t stop singing “Vacation.”

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