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Goodbye Argentina and thanks.

As we leave Argentina there are so many things we are thankful to have been able to experience and that we know we are going to miss. dulce de leche yerba mate new friends steak Buenos Aires cheek kissing Salta empanadas malbec dog walkers Mendoza asados alfajores Most of all we’ll miss the Argentinian people … Continue reading »

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Tereré – mate made cold

I’m totally obsessed with yerba mate. Not only do I like drinking it, but I LOVE to see people with their mate gourds drinking it.  I constantly am on the lookout for people with their gourds. We’ve been invited to drink it with others several times now.   When this happens I am so torn.  I’m … Continue reading »

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Salta – going to the gym

You would think going to the gym would be sort of the same everywhere you go. Sure, far off exotic lands don’t even have gyms, but you would think any place that has a gym that you can join as a tourist must be about the same.   But, there are some things at my gym … Continue reading »

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Drinking Yerba Mate

As I explained in an earlier post, Jeff and I went to the neighborhood of La Bocca for lunch. I order the chinchulines (cow intestines) and couldn’t eat them which caused the waiter great disappointment.   In order to get back into his good graces, we ordered a “service of mate.” The green tea-like powder that … Continue reading »

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Yerba Mate in San Telmo

On Sundays there is a huge and I mean HUGE street market that stretches from the downtown area for block and blocks down a narrow street to the neighborhood of San Telmo.  San Telmo is famous for the street market, tango bars, and people doing tango in the street.    We actually somehow missed everyone doing … Continue reading »

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