Chicago food, no not pizza – Indian

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  1. Glad you and Jeff made it back to familiar ground in one piece. What an adventure you’ve both had. I hope you keep up the blog, though, so you can report on what it’s like to be back in the States and what lies ahead. Hope Jeff feels better soon. Surprised that Chicago is still cold this time of year. Hawaii is hot, at least where I live. Been doing some routine household cleaning and am perspiring profusely like I’m in a sweat lodge.

    Best to you you both and you rest, relax and readjust. Indian food looked great and now I want some. We have a vendor on campus that serves it out of like this trailer thing, and it’s pretty good.

    1. I am going to try to keep up the blog, it will get me to keep trying new interesting foods and tasting wine. The weather was unseasonably cold in Chicago. Today was 45 degrees! Now I’m n Charlotte visiting my family. I love Indian food. I think I could eat it every day. Haven’t gotten it here yet. My nieces and nephews are here, 5, 3, 2 yrs old. They aren’t real fans of Indian food yet. 🙂

  2. Still sick? aww poor baby. Frankie just started feeling ‘cured’ a few 2 days ago he said! I love indian food. I only know a few places in BsAs that have it. I myself have only tried it twice, but it is very good, I bet nothing compared to what you had as there isn’t a big Indian population down here.
    GET SUM GOAT! you’re so lucky- here in Py my cousin said that you can’t just go out and hunt deer or sth unless you have a permit, but people do it anyway.

    1. Yesterday was the first day Jeff really felt better. We were so lucky only they caught it and we didn’t. Have not had goat. Maybe I should be trying to eat all the parts of a goat? I wish there were Paraguayan restaurants here or in Seattle. I bet you are eating some good local stuff.

  3. I had no idea chicago had such a great indian neighborhood. I always think italian. The river and great lakes are my favorites. Sounds like a good time to read that book about the murders taking place during the worlds fair. I think the title is something like the Devil in the city. Welcome nack to the US of A.

    1. Funny you mention Italian because my sister and I hit up Little Italy on Tuesday. Yum! I love both foods. The weather was really bad, so not much time at the lake or river. But, did have some great time with family and friends. 🙂

  4. I am so happy you guys are back. Welcome back home ! Your blog has always been very interesting to read.

  5. Devon Ave. rocks, but parking has never been easy. One of the reasons we live in the suburbs. Strangely, neither Morton Grove nor Skokie has an Indian restaurant, despite huge populations of Indians. Happy to say, one is opening near Harlem and Dempster soon. If it’s any good, it’ll save us a lot of driving around the north side of Chicago looking for parking!

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