Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) Part 1

Instead of a parilla (Argentinian BBQ place) we went to our favorite restaurant, Annette.  Since we’ve only been here about a week, it doesn’t take much to become our favorite.

One good glass of malbec and a dulce de leche dessert and you move to the top of our list.

Not only is Annette good, it’s half a block from our apartment.  We can see it from our balcony, so were able to judge when the optimal dining time would be.

9:00 pm  completely dead

9:30 pm – first diners arrive

10:00 pm – several more people show up

10:30pm – about half full (we head over)

10:35 pm – we’re seated

10:40pm – drinking complimentary glass of champagne

The waitress suggested we both get ojo de bife.  After a panicked moment thinking I was going to eat a cow eyeball, Jeff assured me it was a ribeye steak.


I’m relieved and happy to report that is was really good. Tender, juicy and fabulous.

thank God!

11:30 pm – restaurant still full of people.

don't these people ever sleep?

12:00 am  eating giant glass of dulce de leche

If the steak is this good, how bad can the intestines, brain, tongue and testicles be…..

3 thoughts on “Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) Part 1”

  1. Please wish Jeff a happy birthday for me!

    I know he can post an animated cow for you where you can color in what you have eaten – please, pretty please.

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