Idea for Starbucks

Now that I don’t work there anymore I can start pestering all my Starbucks friends with my great ideas.    But for real, this really is a good idea.


When you order coffee, most places give you a free cookies.  This coffee shop gives you a free spoonful of dulce de leche sauce. They don’t even bother with the excuse of a cookie to put the DDL on.

Not that Starbucks needs help the stock is doing well. But, really if you gave out a spoonful of dulce de leche sauce with each drink?   And seriously, how hard could THAT be to forecast?

Oh, i know, how about a dulce de leche latte?  Oh wait, we did that already.

OK how about – bring back almond syrup, marshmallow lattes, lower the prices, bring back breakfast sandwiches, a city mug for Northbrook, IL,  set of 4 mugs, free coffee day, sugar free mocha, Irish cream lattes, orange frappucinos, open one in my neighborhood, open one on my street, make mine a drive thru….

4 thoughts on “Idea for Starbucks”

  1. I think it’s a great idea to give a cookie because I always want a little something to chew
    with my coffee. The price of the cookie or small biscotti would be worth the increase in
    business and loyalty. I think you should be a world scout for Starbucks, McDonald’s
    (who now has good coffee) or another franchise. Love your blog.

  2. I think instead of studying statistics on line you should be concentrating on writing. Your blog writing is fabulous: interesting, funny and you connect us to your trip in a way many people can not do. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Your chewy steak experience exactly matched mine, I think for us low volume red meat eaters it is an acquired taste that I am sure you will acquire. I would recommend conquering the tenderloin and rib eye before you go for the anus.

  3. Nothing wrong with a spoonful of hot fudge either! How long are you staying in BA? Long enough for visitors in March???

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