Tango at the cemetery

One of the biggest things to see in Buenos Aires is the Recoleta cematery.    But, we are Recoleta cemetery challenged.  The first try we took the wrong bus and ended up at a polo stadium. On the second try we walked. By the time we got there we had heat stroke, and the cemetery was long closed for the day.

So instead we decided to go to a different cemetery,  Cemetario de la Chacarita.   Not only is it the biggest cemetery in South America,  the world famous tango singer Carlos Gardel is buried here.

And, you can get there by subway.

It was his birthday, (He lived from 1890 – 1935 when he died in a plane crash.)  so it seemed fitting to visit his tomb.   It sounds strange to visit a cemetery, but his gravesite was anything but somber.

The cemetery is enormous. Each tomb is like a little house, rows and rows of them, it was like a small city with streets and blocks of granite and marble tombs.

Here’s a video of our entire trip soup to nuts.

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  1. Love the dancing at the cemetario. I think more people would go visit if they knew there would be dancing. Me gusta tu video.

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