Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) part 3

After three weeks in Buenos Aires I’m finally getting slightly tired of Argentinian food. Not dulce de leche, I could never tire of that. but steaks in general.

The beauty of  beef is Buenos Aires is, the butcher will take a “bife de lomo” steak and grind it into ground beef for you. And, he won’t even mind when you panic, forget every word in Spanish and just grunt and point at his case filled with meats.  And, when he finally picks the one you want and you have no clue what the word for “to grind” is, he looks around his shop until he spots the grinder and suggests he uses it.  And, when he asks you if you want it put through the grinder once or twice and you just stare blankly because not only do you not know all these words, but even if you did, you didn’t know you could have it ground twice, he just does it once for you once and wraps it up with a smile.Another amazing thing about Buenos Aires is you can get Mexican taco makings at the store.

Tacos made with an Argentinian tenderloin steak are so good it’s almost like cheating. It’s tempting to eat the rest of the cow ground up in a taco, especially since you can eat brains and tongue in a taco in Mexico. But, after this taco (which was amazing) I am going back to the Argentinian parilla for the rest of the cow.

6 thoughts on “Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) part 3”

  1. If you are going to hide it, at least use a less than desirable cut. Anyhow, this sounded good. Good luck with the rest of the cow. Keep eating the Dulce de Leche!

  2. Sheryl

    you can take a break from meat for a while and Argentina has fabulous italian food and also other. Try the panqueques de humita (corn pancakes) try the tartas de cebolla, atun, acelga and try the pastas. You have many choices.

    How much longer are you staying?


    1. We love the tartas and have tried all of them! We have either empanadas or tartas for lunch every day. What’s your favorite Italians restaurant in Buenos Aires? We’ve been taking home fresh made pasta most nights for dinner (when we’re not eating Mexican food.) We’re in Buenos Aires for another week, then Cordoba then maybe Salta or Menedoza, not sure yet. We have 6 months total.

  3. Those tacos sound waaay better than what we’re having for dinner tonight!
    I would also like to point out that you seem to be in the world’s smallest kitchen with the world’s smallest sink. But the granite counters are awesome. 🙂

    1. You are so right!!! Only one of us at a time can be in the kitchen (good reason for it not to be me). The sink is so small the cookie sheet doesn’t fit in it to wash.

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