Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) part 2

I’m a little behind on my cow eating entries.    I had my second steak experience on Jeff’s birthday which was almost a week ago.    We went to a restaurant called  La Cabrera.  This is like the Uno’s of Buenos Aires.  It’s extremely popular and extremely good.   It’s mostly tourists  but locals go too because it’s that good.

We got there way too early for dinner – 9:30. But even then there was a wait. A hostess took our names (in English) typed them into the computer and told us to come back in 45 minutes.

Since there were just a few people milling around outside,  the waitress assured us that it would be fine to  duck into the bar across the street.    We decided to toast Jeff’s birthday with  gin and tonics.    They had gin. They had tonic.  But it seemed they did not have shot glasses.   Our drinks arrived, half a large glass of gin,  separate bottle of tonic.

Glass full of gin

Forty-five minutes later we stumbled back across the street to get our table.  But, instead of the orderly  scene we had left, it was a near riot of overhungry, overtired tourists.  Jeff had to fight his way through the crowd to check on our table while still checking on me to make sure I didn’t cause a scene due to public drunkedness.

Finally,  our name was called.  A severe man in a suit appeared and instead of leading us into the restaurant he led us across the street and down the block.  I thought for one quick second he might be kidnapping us, but was too hungry and drunk to care.

He led us to the La Cabrera Norte, sort of the Duey’s of Buenos Aires.   It was an identical restaurant one block away.

I was so drunk by that time I could have eaten any part of a cow, but since it was Jeff’s birthday I decided, as a present to him, I would not eat anything gross, or make him videotape anything.      I also got him this robe.  Turns out waffle weave is hard to explain in Spanish.

We ordered 2 steaks, a ribeye (which I had already had) and a strip loin. Both were amazing and came with a lot of side dishes.  The below photos are from the restaurants website. The first photo on the page was a photo I snuck  when Jeff wasn’t looking.

Both the steaks, the side dishes and the wine was amazing. It was so much food that for once, I had to forgo the dulche de leche dessert.

from La Cabrera website
from La Cabrera website

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  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time. I like the music; it adds a fun touch to the video. The meat looks delicious. Down
    with the vegetarians. We are all really carnivores. Nothing like a good steak. Enjoy each day.

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