Wine, empanadas, dulce de leche – no cow yet

Some things are more expensive than we expected. Some things as cheap as we hoped.

Expensive – probably due to the fact we live in a ritzy area and are obviously tourists.

  • eggs – the first store we went to had eggs at the equivalent of $4 a dozen. Not sure what type of chicken these came from.

  • coffee – a cup of coffee is $2 everywhere we go. That’s more than a certain coffee company I used to work for that gets maligned for their high prices. (Jeff feels this isn’t a good comparison since here it’s all espresso not drip.)

This was even more than $2, but it’s a famous Buenos Aires cafe.

  • gym – due to all the inexpensive items (below) we’ve had to join a gym. That was $60 a month per person
  • veggies – we’ve only been to a store called Disco (nothing to dance about).   The veggies are more than the organic stuff we buy at home.  We’re hoping to find some vegetable markets. Or we’ll just stop eating vegetables all together.  No big loss there.
  • Facial cleanser – Jeff wanted some face soap and I insisted he buy this cheap bottle I found at the Farmacia.   It turned out to be makeup remover.  Guess my Spanish still needs work.   Instead, the pharmacist insisted Jeff buy some other facial cleaning gel. it was $20 for the bottle, but Jeff’s skin has never looked better.

Inexpensive – luckily the important things in life are cheap here.

  • wine – good and cheap

  • empanadas – only a buck each and sooooo delicious.   Jeff’s favorite – jamon and queso. Tastes like  a ham and cheese sandwich in pie crust. My favorite  carne sauve, a good one tastes like sloppy joes encased in pie crust.

Technically the carne sauve ones are cow, although since I can’t identify the parts it doesn’t count. Although since it’s ground beef, I may have already eaten all the parts of a cow.

  • Dulce de Leche – this is truly somethng I’m addicted to. I can NOT get enough of it.  Caramelized sugar and who knows what, but it’s amazing in so many different ways.

In a brownie

In another brownie and in ice cream.

Between 2 mini cookies.

Pretty soon we are going back to healthy eating….but not quite yet.

12 thoughts on “Wine, empanadas, dulce de leche – no cow yet”

    1. I think it’s even higher I’ve heard it’s 25%. We’re also in an expensive part of the city and have TOURIST written across our foreheads. 🙂

  1. I think it is legal to get your own chicken and have it lay fresh eggs for you. While you are at it, you can grow your own organic vegetables.

  2. Great photos and updates. I am living vicariously through both of you. Looking forward to future posts from Argentina!

  3. LOVE the photos! Thanks for the link, Sheryl. You know you’ve arrived at the perfect destination when wine is cheaper than water…

  4. Sheryl, it seems that Jason and I wouldn’t be too shocked about any prices over there. We pay nearly the same amount in Canada for everything you’re surprised about over there. Great, we’ll move in next week!
    Loving the blog guys! I hope you’re having an awesome time!!

  5. Love the dulce de leche. Enjoy it before you get sick of it. Glad you joined a gym since you will be eating dulce de leche, empanadas, wine and no veggies! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and enjoy the espresso. Jeff is right, it’s not drip.

  6. Hello Sheryl, Im having a blast reading your blog, even if its an old entry, I just wanted to say that if you like dulce de leche, you can easily do it at home, you just have to heat up milk, with a lot of sugar, for about 6 hours (depending on the amount you want to prepare) until it gets the color and taste of dulce de leche which actually means milk sweet or milk jam. If you want I can get you the recepe Kisses!

    1. Thanks so much Greg. I never thought of making it myself. but now that we’re back in Seattle it sounds like a plan. I am going to try to make it today. 6 hours is totally worth it for something so incredibly delicious!

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