Grocery shopping in Salta

Posted by on January 23, 2011

not exactly Whole foods

Grocery shopping can easily be an all day activity for us.

The store in the photo on the left is where we buy most of our veggies, water, and eggs.  A very woman in an apron always helps me with the Spanish words for the veggies.

If she doesn’t have what we need we go across the street to the man with long sideburns. He also has eggs, some packaged goods, and veggies.  Sometimes for a change I go to the nice older couple. They have a bakery but also eggs,  veggies and two pet parrots.   No matter who I go to, the eggs are never refrigerated, always come wrapped in paper, and they all think it’s hysterical we’re using the eggs for breakfast.

6 eggs wrapped in paper.

Next stop is the butcher for meat, cheese and also sometimes eggs.

And then for everything else there is the supermarket.  The supermarket is pretty much like any other supermarket in the US except for a few differences.

Milk and yogurt come in cartons and boxes, but also bags.

bag of milk

bag of yogurt

The yerba mate aisle is huge.  This entire aisle – all the way to the end-  is for yerba mate.

how many kinds of yerba mate can there be?

The most beautiful part of the grocery store is the shelf after shelf of dulce de leche.


You can even get a one pound bag of dulce de leche.


Then there are the products that make us uncomfortable, like this brand of rice/pasta.

does Diana Ross know about this?

And then there are the products that make us laugh because we’re immature.

this is a sponge.

Can you ever have enough assy power?

this ones a stretch, but we'll laugh at anything.

Who wants a barfy?

clothes for child zombies

And then there is this mannequin. This is not in a supermarket, but I still think it’s funny and slightly frightening.