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Tereré – mate made cold

I’m totally obsessed with yerba mate. Not only do I like drinking it, but I LOVE to see people with their mate gourds drinking it.  I constantly am on the lookout for people with their gourds. We’ve been invited to drink it with others several times now.   When this happens I am so torn.  I’m … Continue reading »

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Grocery shopping in Salta

Grocery shopping can easily be an all day activity for us. The store in the photo on the left is where we buy most of our veggies, water, and eggs.  A very woman in an apron always helps me with the Spanish words for the veggies. If she doesn’t have what we need we go … Continue reading »

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Staying in Salta

I’m relieved and happy to report that we really love the city of Salta and plan to stay for awhile. After dragging all our suitcases onto the wrong bus to Salta, I really don’t want to go anywhere else for awhile. Here is my top ten list of what I love about Salta: 1. Beautiful … Continue reading »

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Drinking Yerba Mate

As I explained in an earlier post, Jeff and I went to the neighborhood of La Bocca for lunch. I order the chinchulines (cow intestines) and couldn’t eat them which caused the waiter great disappointment.   In order to get back into his good graces, we ordered a “service of mate.” The green tea-like powder that … Continue reading »

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Yerba Mate in San Telmo

On Sundays there is a huge and I mean HUGE street market that stretches from the downtown area for block and blocks down a narrow street to the neighborhood of San Telmo.  San Telmo is famous for the street market, tango bars, and people doing tango in the street.    We actually somehow missed everyone doing … Continue reading »

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