Wine before Liquor?

Everyone knows the saying wine before liquor never sicker.   We set out to answer the question, does wine tasting before liquor tasting make you sick?    I’m happy to report that the answer is no.  It just makes you very sleepy on the bus home.

Our first question was actually how to even go wine tasting. The normal way of taking a tour was too expensive and the budget way of renting a bike was too dangerous for me.  There is a reason the only cycling I do is from the back of a tandem.

Our new friends Jeff and Romi helped us by giving us exact instructions on how to take a bus to a winery and distillery.  Jeff is an amazing photographer. Check out his photos.

They told us to take bus 182 and exactly where to pick it up.  It was lucky because without their help we never would have figured out which bus to take.


Looking slightly drunk before even getting there.

The bus took a long time, I think we stopped at every person’s house between Mendoza and the winery.

But once we got there.  We had a fabulous tour through the vineyards and olive groves.


It was a hot day, so by the time we got to the tasting room I was already light headed from dehydration.   After a few tastings I was even more light headed and slightly giddy.  I figured I better really test out our wine before liquor question by drinking enough wine.  Our guide helped us out by refilling our glasses several times.

We stumbled out of the winery and headed directly across the street to the distillery.    Our guide at the winery told us to ring the bell at the distillery “really really hard and loud.”  I’m not sure if this is really a giant door bell, or a warning to the people in the distillery that drunk gringos are on their way over.


We probably should have asked for a tour first in order to sober up.  But, we felt it was important to get straight to the tasting in order to put  the wine before liquor saying to the test.

We got to taste quite a few different liquors.   My favorite of course being  the dulce de leche liqueur.

dulce de leche liqueur - heaven in a shot glass
this gin was also a favorite

Urs, our Swiss distillery guide was very helpful in our testing of wine tasting before liquor tasting.

We caught the bus back. I couldn’t tell you how long it took on the way back because I feel alseep the second we got on the bus. It wasn’t the little head nod nap. It was the full on sprawled on the seat, drooling type of sleep.  Not pretty, but at least we did not find “wine tasting before liquor tasting never sicker” to be true.

8 thoughts on “Wine before Liquor?”

    1. I have to admit, yesterday was a blast and we were relaxed. Today our local coffee shop tried to charge us $25 US for 2 coffees and then the internet is down in our apt so Jeff can’t work. So today, not quite as good as yesterday and longing for a Starbucks with WIFI. 🙂

  1. $25 for two coffees????? Sounds like London. What were they thinking.

    So did you guys wake up in time to get off the bus or did you wake up in the bus station? That would be really amusing.

    1. They were thinking we were stupid gringos. When we questioned them in Spanish the price went back to $4 US. We did wake up before our stop, thank god.

  2. Great pix and a fun blog! From coffee connoisseurs to sommeliers – great palates!
    Enjoy. Rochelle & George

  3. Jeff B’s photos are incredible. He really has an eye!
    As for wine tasting, the more you drink the more the following is true (pun coming!) : a rose by any other name is a rose. Or, as Gertrude Stein put it: a rose is a rose is a rose. G.

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