Is Mendoza dangerous?

8 thoughts on “Is Mendoza dangerous?

  1. Miss you lots, but LOVE reading your blog. Apparently your fear of not having coffee is not an issue anymore.

    1. Miss you too!!! Luckily, there is a coffee shop nearby that has good coffee, otherwise this would be even higher than tripping or falling into a hole.

  2. LOL, I like this post. You know those bars around all the houses are there because it takes 45 minutes for the cops to come after you call, so why bother? 911 is a joke here. So better to be safe than sorry.

    Yeah the sidewalks suck, and they’re all different. We bike on them but we have mountain bikes so it’s just a matter of looking down.

    Oh, and there’s poop too. I’m glad to see your having fun!


    1. OMG, how did I forget my #1 fear which is stepping in dog poo. That one has been a problem all over Argentina. Wow, 45 minutes for the cops to come? No wonder there is so much security. The robbers could be half way to Chile before the cops come.

  3. I share your fear of tripping with good reason.i trip a lot and due to similar sidewalk issues in Chile, most of my vacation photos show me sporting a black eye, ice pack or bandaids through the ripped holed at my knees. Luckily, Chile was relatively dog poop free.

    Keep on writing!

    1. I walk now with my eyes down glued to the uneven sidewalk. So far I’ve been OK except for a spectacular fall in Salta where I didn’t hurt myself but I fell sideways as if I had collapsed. I was fine, but both Jeff and some spectators ran to my aid thinking I had fainted. I had no idea how to say, “no I’m just clumsy, don’t mind me,” in Spanish.

  4. Its in our genes, Sheryl!!. I’ve spent my life looking down at the ground and adjusting my ankle muscles in anticipation of its uneven-ness. The worst is walking on grass…you cant see the uneven-ness and holes.

    Enjoying all your writings


    1. I think my 43 years of looking down while walking has prepared me really well for Mendoza. I haven’t tripped yet while Jeff has taken a few stumbles. Although, I NEVER walk on grass if I can help it. I agree it’s a hidden mine field of tripping hazards. Of course it is a softer landing though when you fall.

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