Eating an Entire Cow (not in one sitting) part 5

We spent our last night in Buenos Aires at the same restaurant we went to the first night.   Here’s what we’ve learned in a month in Buenos Aires.

  • 10:30 is a good time to go out for dinner.  Midnight is not.  They were done for the night, but still seated us.

  • Our Spanish still needs work.  We ordered 3 different steaks. When they came one turned out to be chicken.

  • Steaks taste a lot better than organs (at least the one organ I’ve tried so far).  We got a flank and skirt steak. Both were really good.
  • They don’t call it skirt steak here. Jeff tried to buy a “lomo de falda” at a butcher the next day which made the butcher laugh.
  • Pictures of gauchos holding giant knives should not scare you.

  • You need to use caution when salting.  Salt shakers run really fast here.
  • Dulce de leche ice cream rocks

3 thoughts on “Eating an Entire Cow (not in one sitting) part 5”

  1. I want all those Dulce de leche flavors. You should start a dulce de leche place when you come home. Enjoy for us.

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