Eating an Entire Cow (not in one sitting) part 4

14 thoughts on “Eating an Entire Cow (not in one sitting) part 4

  1. This is fantastic. You are such a neat gal, thank you for sharing this. i look forward to your next installment =}

    Be safe,


  2. So, you say you’re eating an entire *cow*, which is female… was that intentional so you wouldn’t have to eat the Argentine equivalent of Rocky Mountain Oysters? 🙂

  3. That’s totally what you get for trying to be adventurous! Haha!
    At least you were able to finish the glass of wine so that didn’t go to waste.
    And BTW, did you guys get stylish new haircuts in Argentina? You both look great!

    1. We did both just get Buenos Aires haircuts. While I was eating the intestines I was thinking. “This is gross, but at least my hair looks good.” 🙂

  4. Love it! I have to say that Jeff gets the award for the play by play commentary about eating the small intestines. I say you go for brains soon.

  5. Your blog is fantastic! You need your own reality tv show…seriously. (You know, it kinda makes sense that intestines taste like shit.)

  6. Eagerly awaiting each new Blog. Hold the Chinchulines. Tonight we had delicious filet mignon. Enjoy each day!
    R & G

  7. So I want to know if they at least gave you a t-shirt….something along the effect of I heart chinchulines….and then you can have the waiter sign it…the squishy, gooey squirt out part…hmmmm, all I can say is thank you for chewing with your mouth closed…did you realize that your chinchulines now have chinchulines in them??

  8. Hahahah! You should have pulled a Seinfeld….put the intestines in your napkin, then in your pocket. The many dogs in your ‘hood would love you!!!
    Great blog and great to see you. We are well and wish you both happy holidays! Karin

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