Traffic in Buenos Aires

We are staying in the neighborhood of Palermo. We are in a very  residential part of Palermo. There isn’t much traffic on our street, but what there is confuses us.  This intersection has no stop light, stop signs or yield signs. There are cross walks, but they seem to be more for decorating the street than stopping cars for pedestrians.  Its seems that there are 100 near misses every hour. Although in the month we’ve been here there haven’t been any accidents.

Even when there are stop lights, the traffic can be daunting in our neighborhood.  This street has a stop light, but you have to hussle to cross it before it turns from green to red. This is the street we cross every day to get to our gym.    One day after a particularly hard workout I only got across 10 of the 12 lanes of traffic while the light was green.   There were a few horns that day.

And then there is this street.  9 de Julio.   This is the widest street in the world. It has 9 lanes but seems more like 90.   This street is in the middle of downtown, so nothing we’ve had to cross on a daily basis.  But on the days we did cross it we were happy to have the medians in the middle of the street.

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