Dogs from our balcony

10 thoughts on “Dogs from our balcony

  1. Sheryl,

    I’m having so much fun reading about your adventure! I loved the dog walking… they look like they should be pulling a sled!!

    Lori (Hemesath from Northbrook!)

    1. Thanks Lori! I just checked out your blog love it!!! Love your veggie post. After being a vegetarian for 13 years, I’m going overboard the other way now. 🙂

  2. Was that guy seriously on his cell phone while he is walking that huge group of dogs? Now that is a professional!
    Sheryl, do I see a career change in the near future? This looks like it could be very lucrative!! 🙂

  3. He is so lucky Taffy isn’t one of those dogs. She would butt walk the whole way and definitely bite someone. Miss you.

  4. Hilarious! I really wanted to hear your commentary. Does anyone walk their own dog there? Oh, and somehow I have a feeling the dog poop gets left on the road. I stumbled many times on it in London, Nice and Barcelona. I truly appreciated our scoop law after those experiences.

    1. I felt like he wasn’t petting the dogs enough and was saying it on the video. The woman looks like she pets her dogs more. People walk their dogs at night and weekends. The dog walkers seems to be only for the week days. Dog pop is everywhere. Our poo-dar is quite high when we’re walking.

  5. Love this post.. just stumbled over from Expat blog directory. I’m over in Santiago! When I was in BA for 3 months, this was one of my favorite things. Aren’t they all so well behaved!?

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