An asado in Mendoza

8 thoughts on “An asado in Mendoza

  1. Mendoza looks lovely. The food at the barbecue looked delicious, so glad you were invited.
    Weather seems great. Enjoy! Rochelle & George

    1. The weahter really is perfect, sunny and hot in the day, cool at night. The asado food was amazing. They only really salt their meat, but it’s so so so good.

  2. wow. i wish i were there. please keep sharing your stories. i’m loving it. we drank wine from Mendoza the other night, and i thought of you.

  3. That meat looked delicious.Larry has been on a vegetable and seafood diet for so long that I have to sneak out to get meat. I went to a burger master on saturday and ate off a tray hanging off my car. It was grass fed and oh so good.

    1. When we went to Chile I thought I was done with meat for awhile. I had eaten so much of it. But after a few days I was craving it. There is something about that grass-fed beef which is really amazing!

  4. I love the pictures and your writing! You are really some modern day explorers. We are living vicariously thru your adventure. Stay safe but continue your adventure. Love to you both.

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