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Staying in Salta

I’m relieved and happy to report that we really love the city of Salta and plan to stay for awhile. After dragging all our suitcases onto the wrong bus to Salta, I really don’t want to go anywhere else for awhile. Here is my top ten list of what I love about Salta: 1. Beautiful … Continue reading »

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Eating an Entire Cow (not in one sitting) part 5

We spent our last night in Buenos Aires at the same restaurant we went to the first night.   Here’s what we’ve learned in a month in Buenos Aires. 10:30 is a good time to go out for dinner.  Midnight is not.  They were done for the night, but still seated us. Our Spanish still needs … Continue reading »

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Recoleta Cemetery – Evita’s tomb

After almost a month in Buenos Aires we finally mastered the local bus system.  We caught the correct bus going the correct way and got to the Recoleta cemetery in 5 minutes. This cemetery is as beautiful as the other one we visited. There are amazing tombs with incredible statues.   This one, however, is smack … Continue reading »

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Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) Part 1

Instead of a parilla (Argentinian BBQ place) we went to our favorite restaurant, Annette.  Since we’ve only been here about a week, it doesn’t take much to become our favorite. One good glass of malbec and a dulce de leche dessert and you move to the top of our list.

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Idea for Starbucks

Now that I don’t work there anymore I can start pestering all my Starbucks friends with my great ideas.    But for real, this really is a good idea.

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