Salta market – this sure ain’t Pike Place Market

Posted by on February 10, 2011

**Vegetarian warning – this post contains some super gross looking cow parts about half way down the page.**

**Don’t read this if you are eating or planning on eating in the next 12 hours.**

The Salta market started out innocently enough. As with all markets, this one had the usual interesting and photogenic items for sale. Cheese, spices, veggies, Jesus.

It even sells cocoa leaves which are chewed or brewed in tea to alleviate altitude sickness and as a mild stimulant. They are illegal in some countries and some parts of Argentina.

As in most markets, this one also  has a gross meat section.


Hooves aren't edible are they?

When I go to a market, I’m always prepared for the gross stuff. It’s almost like a horror movie, getting scared is half the fun.   I walk around sort of shielding my eyes, preparing myself for some gross thing.

This stack of hooves (cow maybe?) seemed to do it. It was a nice “OMG that’s so gross,” moment.

I wasn’t however, prepared for this next site.

holy crap, what is this?

I mean really, what is that?  And, why is it hanging like that?  And, what is this white stuff?

don't know what this is either, but I know it's gross.

The sheer largeness and casual way it was displayed added to the horror.  Look closely below. There is an advertisement for a religious festival, then to the right of the photo is a hanging bit of grossness, and then standing between the two hanging…what to call them….animal parts(?)  is a woman at the counter.  One move left or right and that white hanging thing will swing into her arm or head.

Religious advertisement, hanging meat, and a woman

I’m not sure how they decide what to put behind glass and what to leave hanging in the below photo.  Seems like it would be better all behind glass.

I’m going to be taking a short break from my cow eating (tonight I had pork for dinner.)  I need some time to erase these images from my brain.    I know that all meat comes from animals, and no matter how clean and neat it looks cooked on a plate, it all starts off like this.  But come on, it was like entire cows hanging by their large intestines.   That’s enough to gross anyone out, even a entire cow eater like myself.