10, no make that 11 things I’ve learned living on a Chilean beach

10 thoughts on “10, no make that 11 things I’ve learned living on a Chilean beach

    1. I just hope I do continue to enjoy them and don’t forget starting tomorrow. Would it be weird to set a sunset reminder alarm on my computer?

  1. Now you know why we love Naples, walking on the beach and watching sunsets–no two are the same. It’s all restorative. And I always ask someone in the sunset watching crowd if they mind if I changed the channel. 🙂

    1. Ha! I wish I knew how to say that in Spanish. I might have to try that tonight. There is something so magical about watching the sun drop into the ocean every night. I can see why you love it there. Living near the ocean is amazing!

  2. Didn’t sound like complaining at all to me. It all sounded wonderfully real. I can really relate to the sea mist and clothes, used to spend a lot of time on a boat. The only thing worse is having to wash those clothes in salt water. Sounds like matcha is in your future!!

    1. I shudder to imagine trying to dry clothes washed in sea water. We are now in Mendoza and first thing I’m doing is rewashing everything that has a fine coat of sea water mist on them. Second thing is going to get some yerba mate. I have unpacked my gourd and bombilla straw and am ready!

  3. So glad to read of another laundry obsessed person! It became my mission to be the best line dryer in all of Italy when I lived there.

    1. I just woke up and before even having my coffee ran outside to check my drying rack. Re-arranged some socks, moved the rack to a sunnier spot and am now waiting. If someone really wants to know what I did for 6 months in Argentina the answer will be – did some amazing clothes drying work! 🙂

    1. We’ve only been gone a day, but I already miss the sound of the crashing waves. it’s just amazing how relaxing the sight and sound of the ocean and be.

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