Coquimbo – dogs, cats and a few kids

12 thoughts on “Coquimbo – dogs, cats and a few kids

  1. Excellent dog and cat photos! I could totally see those photos as part of a calendar, or sold as poster prints. Also loved the video of the kids trying to say “Sheryl”. Such giggles! That was too funny. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Those dogs and cats were practically posing for me. 🙂 Now I know why adults here won’t even begin to try to pronounce my name.

  2. Particularly fond of the ragamuffin pictured second in your lineup. Thank you for a bright spot on our rainy day.

    1. I love that little guy. They were all so cute. Good thing we have too much luggage, or we’d have adopted a dog or two to take back with us. Good thing I already know traveling with 4 giant suitcases, a bike and a dog is too much.

  3. That was so cute. Paris especially loved the giggling kids. I’m not sure how you got those dogs to pose so well. You will have to take some of Paris.

    1. That town was magical in that all the dogs were so photogenic. I’ve tried taking photos of dogs in so many other areas and they just run away. Paris would be super fun to take photos of.

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