Finally serene in La Serena…

5 thoughts on “Finally serene in La Serena…

  1. Hi Sheryl & Jeff,

    Let us know if you’re hankering for a care package from the states (perhaps filled with more Via??). We’d be happy to oblige, now that you’re sort of settled. Send us your address via email, and let us know what you’d like us to send to you!

    Dawn & John

  2. I didn’t see the “chez MacDo” angle coming at all! It is true that American fast food can weirdly ground you. My jaw dropped once I saw the view you have from your apartment. Awesome post!

      1. You’d be amazed to at the inside of our apt. too. It’s a tiny studio apartment that has ants. It’s so small we don’t want to spray since it will pollute the entire “apartment” so we’ve tried the natural remedies of cinnamon and soft soap. So we have cinnamon, soft soap and still ants all over the floor. Not pretty. 🙂

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