Pisco tasting- who knew pisco was so good, or what it even was.

16 thoughts on “Pisco tasting- who knew pisco was so good, or what it even was.

    1. I bet Peruvian pisco is just as good as the stuff here, but don’t say that to a Chilean. 🙂 We have to have a pisco party when we get back!

      1. I LOVE Pisco! I have a collection. Peruvian Pisco is made 100% from grapes so it tends to be a higher quality than Chilean Pisco. Thanks for sharing the article I’m going to go get some Piscología!

  1. I’m almost crying in my coffee I’m laughing so hard. Thanks for the great story to start my work week. Please invite me to the Pisco party.

    And, I really appreciate the nap reference as well. You’re a good woman to confess that.

    Hug each other for me. Miss you!!!

  2. ha ha ha. I love that you are tasting your way through south america. i also love that the last photo of you and jeff is blurry… as i imagined you might have been at that point.
    you need to get to bolivia to taste cow penis, because i’m not gonna do it.

    1. Jeff and I want to have a pisco party when we get back. Our suitcases are too full to bring any back, but it must be available in Seattle.

  3. Hey Jeff and Sheryl its been a while sice I last checked out the site. Just LOL at the pics. In Colorado springs if you get into the mountain areas the sky just lights up at night like that its pretty amazing. We’ll have to get our hands on some pico. Have a great day

  4. I love peruvian pisco. Had both drinks about two weeks ago in front of me and decided to have a taste contest with a few friends. Peruvian Pisco had good taste and flavor, was definetlly stronger as well. I found out that Chileans rent land from where this grape grows, which is actually in Pisco city, Ica, which is in the middle of Peru when I looked at the map. They rent these lands so they can say that they have ‘pisco’.

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