We made it to Argentina…

Moving out of our apartment was hard.   Getting a taxi from snowy Capital Hill to the airport was almost impossible.  The flight was long.

But, since getting to Argentina everything has gone super smoothly.

We’re in our apartment with the internet, Arabica coffee and a working coffee maker.   Life is good.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

9 thoughts on “We made it to Argentina…”

    1. Shouldn’t you be working instead of looking at this? Don’t you have some Caramel Brulee lattes to reforecast or something? I’ve only eaten pork so far. No cow.

      1. Ha. ha. Glad you guys made it ok. I’m not worried about my forecasts…………they’re always wrong anyway. Once you’re settled in, send some pics and give us an update. You’re missed already.

  1. Frankly I am surprised there are no pictures of you drinking wine….after your trip there, you have earned it! Although not sure you want to accidentally drop your camera into a glass of wine…whoops! As for forecasting jokes, sorry…fresh out….but I can’t wait to see the cow pictures!

  2. Great news that you arrived safely and are already settling into your new place. I hope all continues to go well. This is the first time I’ve ever “blogged”. Love mom

  3. Dulce de leche is the supreme dessert and empanadas (especially filled with brie) are the best. Glad you made it there safely and hope you have tons of fun and adventures.

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