Four suitcases, two backpacks and some zip lock bags

18 thoughts on “Four suitcases, two backpacks and some zip lock bags

  1. Hola!! Thanks for the mention!! This post had me laughing out loud in the middle of a coffee shop in Porto… I may have even snorted a little… love your writing style! Can’t wait to meet up with you at some point on our journeys


    1. I was going to bring it, but then remembered the best way to iron is when someone is actually wearing the piece of clothing. And it’s so hot here I can probably just iron with hot air.

  2. Though horrible for the environment zip lock bags are very handy. Glad you were able to bring them. The next blog please send pics of you smoking on the hookah. Even if you need to improv it. 🙂

  3. I’m guessing you’re using the coffee scoop and the shot glass most. Or? And is Panama a country without Ziploc bags? If so, that’s here’s an opportunity there…

    1. Ok it might be three things. It’s the wine opener, shot glass and coffee scoop. Although when I really think about it, it is the coffee scoop.

  4. Great commentary. As for the frying pan, remember that frying pan collection is in your dna. Your 99 year old gramma who no longer cooked had 5 frying pans in her cabinet. Each one had a story. Does your pan have a story or is it developing one in panama?

    1. This frying pan does not have a story yet. I did leave at home the soup pot which has a good story. I used it to steam asparagus left the room forgot about it and started a fire. Maybe it’s good this frying pan does not have a story.

  5. I think the frying pan does have a story now that it was used as a prop in sexy frying pan look photo. I’m sure it’s bragging to all of its pan friends.

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