Four suitcases, two backpacks and some zip lock bags

Now that we are settled, we have unpacked and taken stock of what we brought from home.

Normally, when we go anywhere we have an elaborate pack list. I have specialized lists based on the type of trip. I have a bike trip, visit family, cold weather, wine tasting, warm weather, tropical weather, and Air BNB specific pack list.

Below is my most bare-bones packing list.

And here is the list I used to pack for six months in Panama.

Yes, that is correct, there was no pack list. We were so consumed with moving everything into storage, we didn’t think about what to actually pack for this trip.

This may be the reason I brought twenty pairs of socks, but only three shirts.

We spent all our time cramming our stuff into here, no time thinking of what to bring with.

This is the crazed look of someone that has been moving for 16 hours straight.

When our move was complete, and we finally had ten minutes to pack, we tried to shove a bunch of stuff into our suitcases. When they wouldn’t close we realized, “We don’t have enough luggage.”

This is not the best thought at 10:30 p.m. the night before you fly to Panama. Thank God for the late night Target in Kent. I stayed in the car with our stuff while Jeff ran in to buy a suitcase.

Here is the text Jeff sent me from Target. I was supposed to choose from these two.

When I couldn’t choose Jeff may have had a mental breakdown.

If you ever see a grown man sitting on the floor of a Target at 11:00 pm giggling to himself and taking selfies in the luggage department, don’t judge.

We bought the black one, jammed it full and didn’t open it again until a few days ago. Here are some of the things we brought.

Our Stainless Steel French Press seemed important in Seattle. Turns out all rentals have coffee makers. And you don’t really need stainless steel to keep your coffee warm when it’s 102 degrees outside.

These were our kitchen must-haves. While the rentals have knives, none are sharp. We’ve used everything in this photo.

Guess which two items we’ve used the most.

We brought one pan.

This is my sexy frying pan look.

At the last second, I packed all the food we didn’t give away or eat. The apartments all seem to have blenders so the protein powder is coming in handy. Not sure if we’ll be making enough Ethiopian food to get through the bag with the berbere spice.

Berbere spice, protein powder, PB Fit, trail mix, gummy vitamins

Our friend Brenda who is traveling with her husband, Scott in Portugal suggested I bring zip-lock bags. They have become my most prized possession.

Passports are important, but zip lock backs are sacred.

Luckily, we didn’t bring a hookah, since the apartment came with one.

Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t think a hookah belongs on top of the refrigerator. A coffee table sure, but in the kitchen?

I also made sure to pack my Cubs hat. Not as important as the zip-lock bags, but still nice to have.

Turns out the hat is 15% wool, so not really great for this weather, but the Cubs are worth a hot head.

18 thoughts on “Four suitcases, two backpacks and some zip lock bags”

  1. Hola!! Thanks for the mention!! This post had me laughing out loud in the middle of a coffee shop in Porto… I may have even snorted a little… love your writing style! Can’t wait to meet up with you at some point on our journeys


    1. I was going to bring it, but then remembered the best way to iron is when someone is actually wearing the piece of clothing. And it’s so hot here I can probably just iron with hot air.

  2. Though horrible for the environment zip lock bags are very handy. Glad you were able to bring them. The next blog please send pics of you smoking on the hookah. Even if you need to improv it. 🙂

  3. I’m guessing you’re using the coffee scoop and the shot glass most. Or? And is Panama a country without Ziploc bags? If so, that’s here’s an opportunity there…

    1. Ok it might be three things. It’s the wine opener, shot glass and coffee scoop. Although when I really think about it, it is the coffee scoop.

  4. Great commentary. As for the frying pan, remember that frying pan collection is in your dna. Your 99 year old gramma who no longer cooked had 5 frying pans in her cabinet. Each one had a story. Does your pan have a story or is it developing one in panama?

    1. This frying pan does not have a story yet. I did leave at home the soup pot which has a good story. I used it to steam asparagus left the room forgot about it and started a fire. Maybe it’s good this frying pan does not have a story.

  5. I think the frying pan does have a story now that it was used as a prop in sexy frying pan look photo. I’m sure it’s bragging to all of its pan friends.

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