A killer view vs bathroom walls

18 thoughts on “A killer view vs bathroom walls

  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a great adventure. So you are not at the hotel apartment? How in the world did you ever find an English speaking realtor? So glad you did. Your apartment looks great especially the view and pool.

    1. It is the same apartment. There is the apartment side and then it is attached to the hotel side. So we are on the highrise apartment side. Finding the realtor was surprisingly easy. We are in a Facebook expat group that gives all kinds of recommendations.

  2. Laughing till I’m crying!!!!
    You are the best.
    ….and you must need to follow the high altitude rules to bake in that apartment!

    1. The apartment came with the iron. I feel like I can just hang something outside and it will probably become wrinkle-free.

  3. I got that tingly feeling looking at your balcony. Buy a coloring book and cover the glass walls with your “artwork” haha! The place looks great!

  4. I am dyin’ here in Maine, again!

    What an adventure…and, I thought you were very brave to step out on the balcony. I’d have made a different choice.

    You know, the temperature gets cooler as you gain elevation.

    1. I have to make sure I’m not holding anything in my hands when I get close to the edge. I’m too clumsy to hold a coffee cup anywhere near the railing.

  5. Guessing the time limit must be specific to Panama for Airbnb, not the same for the places we are visiting…. good tip tho…. so loving the pics and updates! Obrigada!!

  6. One other thing , awesome selfie….I suck at selfies and pretty sure Scott’s arms are as long as Jeff’s, so what are we doing wrong?

    1. The time limit is a Panama law. Jeff will not let me buy a selfie stick, so he has extra incentive to do a good job. Just threaten Scott with buying a selfie stick.

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