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7 things to love about Mendoza (besides wine)

We love wine – buying it, tasting it, seeing where it’s made, and most of all drinking large glasses of it. That is why we came to Mendoza, because it’s the heart of wine country in Argentina.  But, we’re planning on staying awhile because it’s just so nice here.     Tranquil, pleasant, livable – all words … Continue reading »

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Pisco tasting- who knew pisco was so good, or what it even was.

The big drink in Chile is pisco sours. They are offered everywhere and not just for tourists.  Everyone seems to be drinking them.   The first one we had was a freebie in a hotel in Antofagasta.  We drank it down, thought it was good, then ordered a glass of wine. But, a few nights ago … Continue reading »

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Chile – Peanut butter, stop signs and cheek kisses

After three months in Argentina and less than two weeks in Chile I’m not exactly an expert on either country.  But, I’m going to pretend I am and tell you all the differences I’ve seen so far. Wine – the wine is good and cheap in both places.  Argentina was all about malbec.   Chile is … Continue reading »

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Cafayate wine tasting score: Zeunerts 1-siesta 5- bus 1

I’d love to say that we just came upon this llama out grazing or perhaps carrying a load of goods for a it’s owner.  But, in reality this was a photo op with a tourist llama. We paid fifty cents to get our photo taken with him. We hadn’t planned a day of tourist llamas, … Continue reading »

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Staying in Salta

I’m relieved and happy to report that we really love the city of Salta and plan to stay for awhile. After dragging all our suitcases onto the wrong bus to Salta, I really don’t want to go anywhere else for awhile. Here is my top ten list of what I love about Salta: 1. Beautiful … Continue reading »

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