Dogs from our balcony

Jeff and I see these dogs to our right every morning as we sit on our balcony drinking coffee.

These dogs are waiting while their dog walker picks  up another dog.

If we look to the left we see these dogs waiting for their dog walker.

And in case you’re wondering, here is how it works when one has to go to the bathroom.  All the rest wait while one goes in the street.

The white dog gets in trouble every day for being on the wall. Then if the 2nd beagle is in tow (sometimes he stays home) all hell breaks loose.

The white dog always looks like he wants to be with the other group.

But then he seems to get over it when his walker arrives.

(apologies for the music on this video.  I was bad mouthing the dog walker, so I needed to cover that up.)

And that’s only on our side of the street. Here’s what’s going on across the street.

Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) Part 1

Instead of a parilla (Argentinian BBQ place) we went to our favorite restaurant, Annette.  Since we’ve only been here about a week, it doesn’t take much to become our favorite.

One good glass of malbec and a dulce de leche dessert and you move to the top of our list.

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Eating an entire cow (not in one sitting) part zero

One of my main goals for this trip to Argentina is to eat an entire cow (not in one sitting).   Since Argentina is known for it’s beef, and they eat a lot of weird parts of the cow, it seemed appropriate that I try to eat all of them.   Six months should be more than enough time.  It sounded like a great idea until my friend Brenda told me that they eat cow rectum.   I have yet to see this on any menu, but since I haven’t begun work on my third goal (learn Spanish) it might be there and I don’t even know it.

I decided to start with something easy like steak.  We went to this restaurant the first night.

The first night we shared some kind of pork cooked in a mud oven and pasta. It was super good, so it seemed appropriate that we return for the first steak on the cow eating “journey.”   Besides being a great restaurant,  the waiters all wear white tops that look like lab coats and giant billlowy black gaucho pants.  The remind me of what I wore in 5th grade.

you can't tell from this photo, but this man is wearing gauchos.

these are the pants he was wearing.

There was also this fabulous painting on the wall.

Nothing like a photo of a man with a headband and a knife staring at you to make you feel welcome.

We got 2 different steaks a tenderloin and a ribeye…

…and they both sucked. One was overcooked, the other very chewy.


So we decided this night doesn’t count and we will have a redo.

Hanging out in Panama