Mystery Trip 2019

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The title of this post is not a joke or trying to be cute. We are going on a mystery trip. My mother-in-law, Jan has invited us to go on a four-day bus trip that leaves from Chicago. Where does it go you ask? That’s the mystery, we don’t know. Check for updates here. I will be blogging out the clues as I get them.

If you are feeling competitive, you can compete for some fabulous prizes. The first person to guess where we are going along the way will win some great souvenirs from the towns we go to. Toothpick holder? Shot glass? Snow globe? Who knows what you might win. The trip starts on Monday, July 29.

26 thoughts on “Mystery Trip 2019”

    1. Now there’s another mystery. Who is this anonymous poster who is so enthusiastic about the Mall of America?

      1. I do believe Anonymous had lost. I’m guessing they are the owners of Mall of America. You can still guess what we are don’t tomorrow.

      1. Nope!! To bad you didn’t know about Hoover’s birthplace or you might have guessed that. You can still guess on what we are doing tomorrow.

  1. Izzy guesses that you’re going to a lake in Minnesota. So maybe a bunch of 85 year olds waterskiing…?

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