Medellin, for about ten minutes.

We spent our first night in a hotel and went out for a great dinner. I have no photos because I got over hungry and was hangry.

The view from our hotel the next morning was stunning. Our included breakfast included some Colombian specialties.

Hot chocolate for breakfast. Yum.
Bunuelos are good but not quite a doughtnut. More like cornbread.

After breakfast we did a quick walk before packing up and leaving town.

We rushed to catch a bus to Jardin the small town we were spending mid week in since it gets crowded in the weekends.

Sheryl: I just love leaving my hair curly. So quick and easy. Jeff: We can take a later bus if you need time to work on your hair.

Our bus trip was three hours on a tourist bus. We were a bit frazzled from the traveling the day before. But no problem we’ve done bus rides before.

Sheryl: We are cool! Jeff: We are adventurous.

The bus ride was fine. But by hour three we were feeling our age.

Jeff: My back hurts.
Sheryl: My self esteem hurts.

The stop for the bathroom was 3 1/2 hours into the ride probably the longest I’ve gone without peeing in a decade. It cost 500 pesos which is the equivalent of eleven US cents.

Best 500 pesos I’ve ever spent.

Jeff was delaying getting back on the bus.

There’s got to be an airport around here somewhere.

But then 4 1/2 hours later at arrived in Jardin and it was worth the trip.

2 thoughts on “Medellin, for about ten minutes.”

  1. That old picture of the two of you is so cute!
    And your photography is beautiful. I hope you make a book of your travel photos.

    1. Thanks Robin! I think it looks good because it’s small on a phone. It would have to be a cell phone sized book.

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