Jardin: Hats, horses, doors and a cable car

Jardin is known as the most beautiful town in Colombia and the town lives up to its marketing.

The mountains were stunning, the people were nice and all the men wore hats which I loved seeing.

And then there were the doors. I could have taken 1,000 photos of doors. I tried to restrain myself since these were houses. I tried to only photograph businesses or at least homes with no open curtains or doors.

Anybody home? I’m not casing your house, just like your door.

Our Air BNB was beautiful but a bit loud. They seemed to be training horses to River Dance on our street.

Again but this time stompier.

This priest rang his bell a bunch.

Hey guys, in case you didn’t hear the church bells, it’s time to pray.

And of course the fruit vendor.

Wake up! It’s 6am time to buy bananas.

Jadin is close to the equator but at 5,000 feet much cooler than Panama City.

What’s wrong with the air? Oh right this is what under 89 degrees feels like.

Everything was so colorful from the doors to the buses to the chairs on the square.

After looking around the town we needed to see the town from above so took a funicular.

I’ll just do the hooky pokey before getting in.
Sheryl: This is totally safe right? Jeff: Um, just sit very still.
Translation: please don’t make abrupt movements or sway.

We made it to the top and the view was amazing. We walked around a bit, had some beer and rode back down.

Forget it. If I can’t sway in the cable car I’ll just walk down.

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