Jeff and I are still hanging out in Panama. But now we are finally doing some exploring.

We rushed to get this book sent from the US. I still haven’t opened it, hopefully Jeff has.

First trip is to Colombia. We are taking a two week vacation to a country we’ve wanted to see for decades.

Sheryl: We are 22 yrs old and just started dating, but want to go to Colombia?
Jeff: Sure but let’s wait 23 years until we are old and a bus ride will hurt our backs.

It’s been so long since I’ve packed for a vacation I forgot how.

Most important is Sven, my stuffed support sloth.

We flew on an airline called Wingo. The name sounds a bit too silly for an airline.

Jeff suggested I start blogging again.

Thirty photos later he wasn’t so psyched for me to blog

I hate the internet.

Our flight was great we got to Medellin and got an Uber. Well one of us got the Uber. The other one was busy “taking selfies for the blog.”

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