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Is Mendoza dangerous?

Is Mendoza dangerous? The answer is yes, no, maybe and I hope to never find out.   If you listen to everyone around us, you would think this is the most dangerous city we’ve ever been to.   The warnings come at us from everywhere, landlords, doormen,  expats, travelers, tourist offices, locals, Jeff’s cycling friends, everyone has … Continue reading »

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Bus challenged in Mendoza

We’ve been in Mendoza for two weeks. We’ve been doing quite a bit of in city wine tasting. But, the real wine tasting to be done here is in the country at the actual wineries.  Or so we’ve heard. We haven’t actually been to any yet. Why you ask?  Mostly, because we want to take … Continue reading »

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An asado in Mendoza

When our landlord talked to us Thursday night I heard, “blah blah blah BBQ blah blah blah Sunday.” Jeff, who actually speaks Spanish heard, “What are you doing Sunday, I’m having a BBQ, why don’t you come.” I can’t help but worry about everything.  What if he misunderstood?  What if she really said, “Hey, I’m … Continue reading »

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7 things to love about Mendoza (besides wine)

We love wine – buying it, tasting it, seeing where it’s made, and most of all drinking large glasses of it. That is why we came to Mendoza, because it’s the heart of wine country in Argentina.  But, we’re planning on staying awhile because it’s just so nice here.     Tranquil, pleasant, livable – all words … Continue reading »

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Mendoza – happiness is a new dish towel

We’ve made it to  Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is know for it’s amazing wine, good food and being close to the Andes.    But, forget sight seeing, wine tasting, white water rafting, horse back riding, the only thing I want to do right now is find a dish towel. Our Mendoza “home” is a furnished tourist apartment, … Continue reading »

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