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Settling In

After weeks and months of planning, packing and moving we finally made it to Panama City.

We arrived three days ago and immediately tried to break into someone’s apartment. Turns out apartment 20B (vein-te bay) and apartment 20C (vein-te say) sound very similar in Spanish.

This is our apartment

We are staying in Apartment 20C. Apartment 20B is occupied by a nice gentleman that handled us trying to open his door with our key very well.

The apartment is nice and has great views once you get past the netting. It’s either to keep robbers out, keep us from falling out, or we accidentally rented a jail.

I know it’s unpopular to complain about the heat when it’s winter back home, but it’s hot here. Like really really hot. Hot and humid. Like 90 degrees with a 102-degree heat index.

Jeff is fine in the heat. Me, not so much.

I’m melting.

Walking to the giant shopping mall to get SIM cards for our cell phones was hot. But it was nice and air-conditioned inside. We ordered lunch at Fitness Foods. Since it said right on the sign Happy and Healthy we figured we couldn’t go wrong.

But then it came and Jeff almost took a bite of crab thinking it was some kind of exotic Panamanian vegetable. Luckily I stopped him since he’s allergic to crab.

Jeff would have been the opposite of happy and healthy if he had eaten this.

Next stop was the subway station to get our bus/subway passes. It took three people and a security guard to help us use the kiosk, even though it was in English.

The subway and buses are nice, clean, and air-conditioned!

Here is Jeff waiting for a train.

Stylish, normal, standing by the tracks.

Here’s me waiting for the same train.

Refusing to move from the aircon vent on the stairs, smeared makeup, messed up hair, dazed look.

But, luckily it doesn’t take much to revive me. Jeff has been a good sport about posing for photos…up to a point.

A selfie? Sure why not.
I’m done.

Luckily, this one I got on the first try.

Why Panama

As Jeff and I get ready to travel to Panama, the same question keeps coming up. Why Panama? The short answer is, we went there on vacation, loved it and decided it would be a great destination for us.

Here are the top 10 reasons.

  1. Amazing people and culture.
  2. City, mountains, beaches, and jungle.
  3. Good coffee
  4. Lower cost of living
  5. On the equator so same sunset/sunrise time year-round.
  6. We saw an anteater when we were there
  7. They let you pretend to run the Panama Canal
That is me and a mannequin, not Jeff.

8. We also needed a country that had a song from our childhood associated with it.

Continent- not a country.
City – not a country
City – not a country

9. It needed a good Palindrome. Here were the contenders:

 Eva, Can I Stab Bats In A Cave? – not bad, but where is this cave.

Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm – not going to a place with crazed owls.

 A Santa Lived As a Devil At NASA – what the hell?

Panama, a man, a plan, a canal, Panama. – Nice!

10 And a good hat.

Fez – too much tassel

Beret – too flat
cowboy hat – too hard to pack
Panama hat – perfect