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La Boca – tourist vs traveler

Jeff and I are very different kind of travelers.  I am a full blown tourist.  Jeff is a true traveler.   This difference isn’t too apparent until we go to something touristy.

La Boca is such a place.  La Boca is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires that is rich in history. Tango started in this barrio in the bordellos in the 1800’s.    The area is still “rough” according to the guidebooks, but a section of the neighborhood has been turned into a tourist destination.  There are brightly colored buildings, street vendors, outdoor restaurants with continuous tango shows, and artistic statues of people. Due to the warnings that the area around the tourist section was dangerous, we decided to take a tourist bus there instead of try our luck with the local buses.

This chart shows the difference in our travel styles when faced with different situations.

Jeff on a tourist bus.
Sheryl on a tourist bus.
Jeff and artistic people statues.
Sheryl with artistic people statues.

I don’t know if one travel style is better than the other, but I do know one of us had a hell of a lot more fun that day.