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Coffeemax and la cinta costera

Jeff and I have been trying to swim every day, but last Saturday we needed a break from the pool.

We decided we should do an exercise walk on the Cinta Costera which translates to the “coastal beltway.” It’s a really nice walking and cycling path along the water. We were on it once before in the middle of the day and I almost had heatstroke, so I insisted get up early for this walk.

We’re still not morning people. Getting up early on a Saturday was rough.

It’s literally the crack of dawn. Why am I awake?

Do not take a picture of me until the sun has actually risen.

We got in our workout clothes and headed out to find coffee.

Coffee Max is a local Panamanian coffee shop with two locations in Panama City which I’ve been wanting to try. I couldn’t wait to go in and try local coffee.

I hope the delivery motorcycles don’t literally catch on fire like on the sign.

We got in and found they only served Illy Coffee which, while delicious, is from Italy.

I appreciated the signage but something just seemed a bit too forceful about it.

Best Cofee Ever, Hot Strong Coffee, Enjoy it, Morning Coffee Bring More
There was hand sanitizer on each table – brilliant.

I ordered an iced Americano and Jeff got a regular Americano.

Mine was so good. I asked Jeff to take a photo of me enjoying my coffee.

I specifically asked him if I looked crazy when he took the photo and he said no. Please tell me this is not my normal coffee drinking face.

Jeff: This coffee is so good, it hardly needs milk. But I want milk anyway.

When Jeff asked the baristas for warm milk to put in his coffee he somehow forgot all his Spanish and only remembered the Italian he learned back in 2005.

Jeff: Caldo leche, por favor
Barista: WTF is wrong with this American dude?

In Italian caldo mean hot. In Spanish however, it means broth. Jeff asked for broth to put in his coffee. Good thing the barista asked for clarification.

Ordering a ham and cheese croissant went better.

Why is this all smushed?

It was oddly flattened, but delicious.

They also had several different hummus’s on the menu. We didn’t order any, but as a hummus addict, this would be good for next time.

Not sure about the meat hummus.

They had these super cool cups that I couldn’t stop running my fingers over.

I’m planning on joining a bluegrass band where I just play this cup.

They also had this sign above the register. Seems a bit motivational and religious for a coffee shop, but then again there are only two locations so they can do whatever they want.

Translated from Google: Work good and win in everything you do, as if it was for God and not for people.

The barista was super nice and put up with our bad Spanish but seemed slightly frightened by us.

Barista thoughts: Please leave, please leave, please leave.

After we finished our coffee, we headed out for the Cinta Costera path.

Oh wow, when I take a selfie where I don’t look crazy. What a surprise.

They had these great telescopes. Unfortunately, they were in an area that smelled really bad. Jeff refused to even get near enough to look through them.

OMG I might vomit from that smell.

I was super happy to see these recycling bins. There doesn’t seem to be recycling here of any kind. Sadly, these really nice bins were empty, so not being used.

These might just be for show.

We walked for a while, then decided it was time to head back to our apartment to hydrate. We jumped in an uber and made it back with only minimal complaining about heatstroke on my part.

It was a great walk, we saw a ton, smelled some bad smells and had some great coffee.

After walk hydration – This water bottle has more than just water in it.

When I’m not “hydrating,” learning Spanish or looking for a job, I’m reading other blogs.

I’ve created a page for sites with other blogs if anyone is interested. It’s on the Links page on the menu.

This is a great place to get started.