Putting the salt into our stay in Salta

We just got back from a road trip to see this giant salt flat.  You might think, “Well of course you’re living in the city of Salta.” But, this giant field of salt is not in the city of Salta, or even the province of Salta. It’s in a province called Jujuy.   I’m not sure … Continue reading »

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Cafayate wine tasting score: Zeunerts 1-siesta 5- bus 1

I’d love to say that we just came upon this llama out grazing or perhaps carrying a load of goods for a it’s owner.  But, in reality this was a photo op with a tourist llama. We paid fifty cents to get our photo taken with him. We hadn’t planned a day of tourist llamas, … Continue reading »

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Salta market – this sure ain’t Pike Place Market

**Vegetarian warning – this post contains some super gross looking cow parts about half way down the page.** **Don’t read this if you are eating or planning on eating in the next 12 hours.** The Salta market started out innocently enough. As with all markets, this one had the usual interesting and photogenic items for … Continue reading »

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Salta’s cathedral, the holy water comes with a warning

Salta’s cathedral is absolutely beautiful.  During the day it’s cotton candy pink.   At night it’s lit up in a golden yellow. The inside of the church is just as beautiful with an amazing altar and statues.   But, my favorite part of the cathedral is this sign over the holy water. Translation: The blessed water … Continue reading »

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Giving Salta our 2 weeks notice

At the beginning of all our trips, we have visions of going to one town and settling down.  The plan is always to “move” to one city or town for six months. But, then wander lust sets in.  How can we stay in just one town when there are so many other towns/cities/countries nearby. We … Continue reading »

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